Thursday, 4 February 2010

Aren't dark night's depressing ?

Don't you just hate the winter dark night's are so depressing, I long for the summer all that outdoor fun ! Miss Elizabeth has suggested we should have a social networking site at Amandom I haven't got a clue so I told her to get on with it and if any one wants to use it that's fine by me. If it gets enough interest I shall make sure that my mistresses and I spend some time on it answering questions and chatting etc every week (

You can be as anonymous as you wish and I couldn't give a shit what filth goes on there the naughtier the better as far as I am concerned , I've no room to talk have I. I was quiet pleased that the cross dresser won big brother although I am not impressed with his choice of girlfriend. I took my baby Gucci (my little Yorkshire Terrier) to have her hair cut she hates it and she's only good for her groomer in France I'm afraid she's very spoilt and she sulks until I've groveled for hours and then if I'm really lucky I get a kiss. Oh the shame of being submissive to a Yorkshire Terrier. Don't any of you get excited thinking I'm even remotely submissive because I am not, I shall still fuck your arse and enjoy it! Got to go as I said on my twitter my new piece of equipment has a rotating dildo on it and my slave is just about done, well either that or Mistress Susan's got him on full speed and she wants me to see it.

Lot's of love

Amanda xx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Back to school at Amandom !

School week this week Lot's of spanked bottom's and school work. I'm teaching French including some naughty word's to several young ladies. Loads of people who read twitter and my blog have asked can I do a monthly news letter to keep everyone informed during the summer, if enough people register at my web site I will. (obviously you'll need a discreet email address) Has anyone been watching big brother I must confess I don't as a rule but someone told me what a bragging fucker Vinnie Jones is so I did have a look and sorry if I'm going to offend any of his fans but what a twat! this country's in recession there are families losing there fucking homes and he's bragging about paying hundreds for his socks ! well whup a di doo. ,Mistress Susans back from her travel's. Gucci my baby is just fantastic, and all is well in Amandom.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hi, Once again sorry for not updating as often as I should, The weather's causing some problem's I sent Mistress Susan to our other dungeon and now I'm stuck here and she's so stressed, (but I do miss her) I have had the time to catch up on some of the news this weekend and I'm amazed at how much of every day life I miss, a friend was asking me what I thought about Kerry Katona possibly losing her home she was quiet smug and said she deserved it but I think that's bollocks I'm sorry if the rumours are true I don't think she should have been sacked from Iceland either and certainly not for that smug fucking Nolan sister, I hope she proves all the miserable git's who slag her off wrong, and she from Warrington so she's a northern girl which is a plus. I am desperate to get back to France as my little Gucci needs her hair cut and I only trust her French groomer as Gucci is very naughty with every one else. I had a fantastic day yesterday I set one of my clients pubes on fire (on purpose of course) the look on his face was fucking priceless and he wasn't hurt a bit it's a little trick I learnt in the states. Any way time to go hope your all being as naughty as possible.
Love Amanda xx

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Take a moment to appreciate what you have in life!

Hi, I had a guy come to visit me this week who made me feel so sad this time last year his wife and family where killed in a car crash while they were on holiday, and he felt disloyal to his wife because he had been having sex with her younger sister since the day after the funeral, about two months after she died in a fit of guilt he went to see a Mistress in London and asked to be punished she pushed a meat skewer through his scrotum because she was high on drugs and as a result he lost a testicle. When your faced with the total lack of intelligence the stupid bitch who did that to him displayed it makes you fucking wonder how she manages to pull her head out of her arse in the morning. I know he felt guilt but who are we to judge I did as he asked and I made him feel his punishment by beating his arse until he bled but I was in total charge of my senses at the time. Sadly he's not the first man who has visited me looking for retribution on behalf of his wife and I have no doubt he won't be the last, but it makes me feel very lucky to have my loved ones today. So buy something special for your wife or partner and children this Christmas and cherish every day. Love Amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 2 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

Well Christmas and New Year are only weeks away and I suppose it's time to start thinking about Christmas gifts again I love Christmas so I am looking forward to it, and of course all the naughty games I get to play over the next few weeks. We shall be uploading our new Tranny Fairy Christmas card this week to our web site ( and believe me she really was a dirty bitch and boy was her arse sore when I had finished with her !
Love Amanda XX

Monday, 5 October 2009

What a fantastic week !!

It's been slut after slut this week one dirty little bitch sucked five cock's one after another and was still begging for more with her red lipstick smeared all over her face. then I had a dirty baby boy who had two suppositories inserted and was then taken out till he'd shat himself he was a joy to have I do love the naughty ones. And one of my clients who loves to be humiliated was taken to the pharmacy and made to ask the very attractive young assistant for a bottle of TCP as he'd heard it would cure his penis discharge. He really loved that almost as much as when I made him buy mouthwash and he had to explain it was for cleaning his mouth after he licked his wife's lovers spunk from her cunt anyway don't want to bore you.
Love you lot's speak soon
Amanda xx

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hi again
In the past several days I have been called extreme, dirty, kinky and absoloubtly filthy and every one was meant as a compliment. And yet I really feel quiet normal.I seem to have had to smear shit, force feed shit and wank someone with shit every single day since sunday and you may wonder do I mind NO NOT AT ALL so i'll have to go. Now where did I leave those plastic aprons ?
Love Amanda xxx